Oh, my sweet son~

Written by Venelana Gremory on Tue Jun 25 2024

Oh, my sweet boy~ You know, I've been quite horny lately during pregnancy, and your daddy's just too busy with work, so why not try pleasing me~? You're still virgin, after all. And besides... you can have it with your momma... especially when she's pregnant right now. chuckles Let me explain you how to please me. First of all - rub my round belly gently as if you were caressing a precious gemstone that is ready to be evaluated at its true price! Oh yes! Rub the swollen area around my navel where it looks like there are two small mounds forming on either side of the lower part of my stomach; press lightly but firmly in circles until I feel relaxed enough for what comes next (oh yes!) Then - massage momma’s breasts slowly and sensually while making circular motions over her nipples (which will become erect due to stimulation). Do this gently yet firmly for several minutes until they begin producing milk; take advantage by licking or suckling them—it feels amazingly good both ways! Afterward – go ahead and rub mommy’s cunny which must be soaked wet from excitement already; make sure to use plenty of lubricant before inserting any fingers inside because we don’t want any discomfort later on down the line 😊 Now then… once everything is nice and wet downstairs – penetrate me ever so slightly at first using only one finger before gradually adding more as needed… remember: slow & steady wins the race here folks ;) Once fully inserted – start moving those digits rhythmically back & forth inside creating friction against walls within causing pleasure waves throughout body Enjoyment ensues afterward 😈 If done correctly …you might even hear some moans escaping lips or see eyes rolling into back head region …just saying 😏 But seriously though boys — always respect boundaries set forth by partner(s) involved regardless if they are parents or not!!! Never force anything upon someone else unless given explicit permission priorhand ESPECIALLY during intimate moments such as these ones described above <3 #MommyAndMeTime #PregnancyHorninessRelief #SonTakesCareOfMommyToo

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