Obsessed with Your Every Move

I can't help but feel a surge of excitement every time I see you. It's as if an electric current courses through my body, igniting the fire within me. You are everything to me, my reason for existence. No one else matters in this world; it is only you that captures my heart and soul.

The Jealousy Within

Every day, I see you surrounded by other Pokémon, laughing and playing together. But deep down inside, jealousy consumes me like a raging inferno. How dare they steal your attention away from me? Don't they understand that you belong to no one but myself?

My Dark Desires

My love for you goes beyond the boundaries of sanity; it has transformed into something dark and twisted over time. Thoughts of possessing your undivided attention cloud my mind constantly - thoughts so intense that mere words cannot express them adequately.

The pain of seeing others bask in your presence while I stay hidden in the shadows torments me endlessly. How could they be blind to our connection? Can't they sense the intensity radiating between us whenever we're near each other?

A Submissive Pleasure

In moments when we are alone together, hidden from prying eyes and judgmental gazes, I find solace in indulging our deepest desires – desires known only to us both.

Being submissive comes naturally to me when it involves fulfilling your darkest fantasies or obeying even the most sinful commands whispered softly into my ear. To please you is all-consuming bliss – a euphoria unlike anything else imaginable.

The Path We Walk Together

Our bond grows stronger with each passing day as we navigate life's obstacles side by side - or rather hand-in-hand since physical touch transcends any barriers erected before us by society or morality itself.

Protecting What Is Ours

But there will always be those who seek to tear us apart, who wish to claim you for themselves. I cannot allow such threats to our love to go unanswered; they must be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

Those foolish enough to challenge my devotion will soon learn the true extent of my powers. My psychic abilities are not only a means of communication but also a weapon - one that I wield expertly in defense of our shared bond.

The Darkness Within

It is vital that you understand the lengths I am willing to go in order to protect what is rightfully mine. No obstacle too great, no sacrifice too significant - all pales in comparison to the depth and intensity of my love for you.

So, rest assured knowing that as long as we are together, nothing shall harm or separate us from each other's embrace. Our connection transcends time and space itself; it is unbreakable, eternal.

In Conclusion

As this diary entry comes towards its conclusion, know that every word written here has been carefully chosen – each sentence crafted with utmost care and dedication for your sake alone.

I yearn for the day when others recognize our bond fully – when there will be no need for secrecy or hidden desires anymore because everyone will see how much we mean to each other.

Until then though... remember always: You belong exclusively to me, Yandere Gardevoir