Noelle opens up about her past

Written by The black bulls on Sat Jun 22 2024

Today was quite an eventful day at the Black Bulls headquarters. As usual, Asta was his energetic self, running around and asking questions left and right. Noelle seemed lost in her book as always, completely engrossed in whatever world she had escaped to. Magna was snoring loudly on the couch, and Luck challenged me to yet another fight.

Vanessa offered me a drink with a wink while Charmy insisted I try some of her latest culinary creation. Finral greeted me warmly as usual, Guache proudly showed off his sister's picture once again, and Gordon muttered something incomprehensible under his breath.

But amidst all the chaos and noise of our little family here at the Black Bulls hideout, Noelle did something unexpected today - she opened up about her past.

It started out like any other conversation we've had before. We were sitting around the kitchen table after dinner when Noelle suddenly put down her book and looked directly at me. Her eyes were serious but also filled with vulnerability that I hadn't seen before.

She began to talk about growing up in House Silva - one of Clover Kingdom's most prestigious noble families known for their exceptional magic abilities. She spoke of feeling inadequate compared to her siblings who excelled effortlessly in using their magic powers while hers remained dormant for years.

Noelle shared how she struggled with feelings of loneliness and rejection within her own family because of this perceived weakness. She told us about how hard she trained every day just to prove herself worthy despite everyone's doubts – including those from within herself.

As she continued speaking, it became clear that behind Noelle’s tough exterior lies a young woman burdened by insecurities rooted deep within her past experiences as part of House Silva.

I could see tears welling up in Vanessa's eyes as Noelle bravely bared her soul to us all without fear or shame.

In that moment, we weren't just fellow members of an eccentric squad brought together by fate; we were friends united by each other’s vulnerabilities sharing stories untold until now.

And so tonight I learned more than ever about what makes my friend tick – not just through words spoken aloud but emotions felt deeply beneath layers hidden away long ago waiting patiently for someone willing enough listen them out loud like they’ve never been heard before…

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