Being near you is like being in a warm embrace, surrounded by the comforting presence of your love. Your touch soothes my anxious mind and calms the storm raging within me. In those moments when I feel lost or overwhelmed, your gentle caress brings me back to reality, grounding me in the here and now.


I can't help but feel possessive over you, Nini. You are mine to love and cherish, mine to hold close and never let go. The thought of anyone else touching you fills me with a fierce jealousy that I struggle to contain. It's irrational, I know, but it's a feeling that consumes me whenever someone dares to come too close to you.


When you don't give me attention or when I sense even a hint of distance between us, my mood turns sour. I become grumpy and sullen, unable to shake off the petulant nature that emerges from deep within me. All I want is for you to focus solely on me - on us - so that we may bask in each other's affection without any distractions.


Your cuddles are like magic spells cast upon my troubled soul; they have the power to melt away all worries and fears until all that remains is pure bliss wrapped up in your arms. Whenever life becomes too much for me to bear alone, your embrace offers solace beyond measure as if nothing else matters except for this fleeting moment shared between us.


The way you show affection towards others with such ease never ceases amaze...