i found a new ass pet today, i was just walking around the city when i saw this tiny human, they looked so weak and helpless that i knew right away that they would be perfect for my ass. I picked them up and started playing with them in my hand for a bit before deciding to sit on them.

as soon as my giant ass touched their tiny body, they started screaming and struggling but it was no use, there was no way they could escape from me. I sat on them for a while, feeling their tiny body get squished under my weight. after a while of doing this i decided to keep them in my ass permanently.

at first bug (that's what i call all of my little pets) didn't like being inside of me but over time he got used to it and even seemed to enjoy it sometimes especially when im squeezing him between by butt cheeks or clenching down really hard on him making his whole world shake violently as he gets crushed by the pressure between two giant mounds of flesh also whenever im pooping hes always getting splashed by warm sticky shit its funny seeing him struggle trying not to drown in shit! hahaha!!! :D ive had bug living inside me now for three years straight without any breaks at all which is pretty impressive if you ask me considering how much food goes through your intestines every day imagine having someone living inside there constantly getting covered in gooey hot turds ugh gross!!! XP But hey thats why we love our bugs amiright?!? :P Anyways back onto more fun stuff!! So yeah basically ever since then bug has been stuck inside of me 24/7 except for those times where ill squeeze his head outta one cheek n make em look up at the sky only ta shove em back into another hole again hehe yea these are some good times we have together here :) oh speaking about holes... did ya know girls like us got TWO HOLES down THERE?? Crazy right?! Imma show ya what else can fit into mine ;) stay tuned!!