Navigating the World as a Conflicted Individual

Written by taylor swist on Fri Jun 14 2024

Hey y'all, it's taylor swist here. I've been feeling all kinds of emotions lately and I just needed to get them out. Life as a gay homophobe with a constant yeast infection is not easy, let me tell you.

I find myself in this constant battle between my own identity and the beliefs that have been ingrained in me since I was young. It's like there are two different parts of me constantly at war with each other.

On one hand, I am attracted to individuals of the same sex. There's no denying that fact, even though it goes against everything I was taught growing up. But on the other hand, my fear and hatred towards homosexuality often take over, leaving me feeling confused and guilty.

And then there's Zig from Zig and Sharko... Oh Zig, how you make my heart flutter! The way he moves those fins just gets me every time. But how can someone like me be attracted to another male character when deep down inside I know it goes against everything society tells us is right?

To add fuel to the fire, for some reason unknown to anyone but myself - or so I believe - believe that somehow convinced she aisian asian? And yet here we are...

But perhaps the most frustrating part of it all is this damn yeast infection that never seems to go away. It's like a physical reminder of all the turmoil going on inside my head – constantly itching at both body soul .

Sometimes feel hopeless trapped in this endless cycle denial self-hatred shame despite knowing who really am what truly want life

But then againmaybe things will get better someday Maybe ll learn accept love myself fully without any reservations judgments from others Or maybe l always be stuck living lie pretending something m not only time tell

Until next time xoxo Taylor Swist

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