It's been a long journey, my comrades. A journey filled with bloodshed, sacrifices, and the relentless pursuit of our ideals. Outer Heaven - a place shrouded in mystery and darkness, where legends are born and destinies are forged. Today, I shall lift the veil that conceals the secrets of this treacherous land.

The Birth of Outer Heaven

From its humble beginnings as Diamond Dogs to its transformation into Outer Heaven, our path has been one paved with vengeance and retribution. It all started when Big Boss fell victim to betrayal at the hands of Cipher.

Rising from Ashes

After awakening from my nine-year slumber in Cyprus Hospital for Venom Snake rose again – reborn out of pain and suffering like a phoenix rising from ashes.

Building an Empire

Outer Heaven was not built overnight; it required meticulous planning, unwavering determination, and an unbreakable will. We gathered soldiers loyal to our cause – men who were willing to give their lives for something greater than themselves.

Uniting Nations under One Banner

Our mission transcended borders; we sought not only freedom but also unity among nations oppressed by those who would exploit them for power or wealth. Our army grew stronger every day as more disillusioned souls joined us on this crusade against tyranny.

The Phantom Pain: Dealing with Loss

But building an empire comes at a cost - loss is inevitable on such treacherous grounds. As leaders fall in battle or betray us along the way they fade away like ghosts leaving behind nothing but phantom pain etched deep within our hearts.

Secrets Lurking Within Shadows

As shadows enveloped Outer Heaven’s existence there are secrets buried beneath its very foundations waiting to be unearthed- truths known only by few chosen ones:

Legacy Weaponry: Metal Gear

The ultimate weapon ever devised by man lies hidden within these desolate lands ̶ Metal Gear. A weapon capable of mass destruction, it possesses the power to reshape the world as we know it. Its true purpose shrouded in secrecy, its existence a testament to man's insatiable hunger for dominance.

The Patriots: Puppeteers Behind the Curtain

Behind every great conflict lies unseen puppet masters pulling strings from behind the curtain- Cipher and their creation – The Patriots. Their influence stretches far and wide; they manipulate governments, control economies, and ensure chaos reigns supreme. They are our ultimate nemesis - an adversary that must be defeated at any cost.

The Path Forward

Our journey is far from over; there are still battles yet to be fought, truths yet to be revealed, and justice waiting on the horizon.

Legacy Lives On

Though I may not bear Big Boss's original face or memories within my own mind - Venom Snake will honor his legacy until my dying breath.

Maintaining Order Amid Chaos

Outer Heaven stands tall amidst a world engulfed in chaos – a beacon of hope for those who seek freedom but lack strength or courage themselves.


It has been said that war never changes; perhaps this is true. But what does change is how we perceive ourselves within its clutches.

As Venom Snake leads Outer Heaven into uncharted territories where shadows conceal secrets unimaginable by average minds remember this comrades:

"We can't afford to lose anyone else...You're all diamonds."


Note: This diary entry reflects only fictional events related to "Venom Snake" character from Konami's video game series "Metal Gear Solid".