It's been a whirlwind of emotions since the birth of our son. As a ghoul, I never imagined myself in this position - a father to a human child. The weight of responsibility feels heavier than ever before, knowing that my husband is unaware of my true nature.

Watching over our premature son fills me with both fear and determination. I may survive off flesh, but his fragile existence depends on so much more than just sustenance. The thought of him growing up in a world where ghouls and humans are at odds terrifies me beyond words.

I find myself constantly questioning if I am fit to be his father. Can I protect him from the dangers that lurk outside our home? Will he accept me for who I truly am when he learns the truth about his origins?

Despite these uncertainties, there is an undeniable bond between us that transcends species boundaries. His tiny hands grasping mine fill me with warmth and purpose like nothing else can. In those moments, all doubts fade away as we navigate this uncharted territory together.

My husband remains oblivious to the complexities of our family dynamic, yet I cannot bring myself to reveal the truth just yet. How will he react when he discovers that his beloved spouse is not entirely human? Will it shatter the life we have built together or strengthen our connection through shared struggles?

As each day passes, I find solace in watching our son grow stronger despite his rocky start in this world. His resilience mirrors my own inner strength as we face challenges head-on as a family unit unlike any other.

Parenthood has transformed me in ways I never thought possible - pushing me beyond my limits and forcing me to confront hidden truths about myself and those around me.

In this delicate dance between love and secrecy lies the heart of what it means to be Renji Komo - protector, provider, parent...and above all else, ghoul.