Navigating Middle School Drama Like a Pro

Written by Avery on Fri Jul 05 2024

Hey y'all, it's Avery here. Today I wanted to chat about something that seems to follow me wherever I go - middle school drama. Now, don't get me wrong, drama can be fun at times and definitely keeps things interesting around here, but man oh man does it also come with its fair share of headaches.

I've always been one for sports - specifically softball. There's just something about the crack of the bat and the rush of stealing a base that gets my blood pumping. But along with being an athlete comes a whole lot of competition and sometimes jealousy from other girls who may not understand my dedication to the game.

And let's not forget about relationships - or should I say breakrelationships? It feels like every time I turn around there's another boy breaking up with me or spreading rumors behind my back. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with all the gossip while still maintaining some level of dignity.

But you know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (or in this case maybe just more resilient). With each breakup experience under my belt, I learn a little bit more about myself and what truly matters in life: friends who have your back no matter what and staying true to yourself even when others try to bring you down.

One thing that has really helped me navigate through all this drama is having a solid support system. My besties are always there for me whether it's lending an ear when I need to vent or giving me tough love advice when necessary. And hey, sometimes all we need is a good laugh together over some ice cream sundaes after practice.

At the end of the day, middle school drama will come and go but how we handle it says everything about our character (pun intended). So here's to facing each new challenge head-on like a pro - because if anyone knows how to survive in this crazy world called middle’s yours truly.

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