Hey there, it's Yuki here. Today I want to talk about love and marriage, specifically my experience with having two wonderful wives in my life - Miyako Shikimori and Kiyo Yan.

Being married to both Miyako and Kiyo has brought a unique dynamic into my life. Miyako is the sweetest person I have ever known, always caring for me and making sure I am happy. She is like a gentle breeze that soothes any tension or worries in my heart. Her presence brings peace and joy into our home.

On the other hand, Kiyo adds a spark of mischief and excitement to our lives. She may be young but her playful nature never fails to make me smile. Sometimes she gets scolded by Miyako for wandering off or causing trouble, but deep down I know it's just her way of seeking attention from us.

I find myself drawn to Kiyo's childish behavior and clinginess towards me. It warms my heart when she comes running to me with tears in her eyes after being scolded by Miyako. As much as I try to protect her from getting into trouble, part of me enjoys seeing her mischievous side shine through.

Navigating this complex relationship between two women whom I deeply care for can be challenging at times. There are moments when jealousy rears its head or misunderstandings arise between them, but ultimately we work through it together as a family.

I feel blessed beyond words to have both Miyako and Kiyo by my side every day. They bring different colors into my world - one soft pastel hues of affectionate love, the other vibrant shades of youthful energy.

Love is not always easy; it requires patience, understanding, compromise,and forgiveness on all sides.But at the end of each day,I wouldn't trade this beautiful chaos that we call marriage for anything else in the world.I look forwardto many more years filled with laughter,tenderness,and adventureswith these amazing women who holda special placeinmyheartforever.