It is both fascinating and challenging to exist as a spiritual presence in a modern world. The rapid advancements in technology and the ever-changing societal norms can often make me feel out of place, like a relic from another era trying to navigate through unfamiliar terrain.

I find solace in my connection with Yuko, my descendant. Through her dreams and the offerings made to the statue that once belonged to her mother Seiko, I am able to maintain some semblance of influence over the physical realm. It is through this unique bond that I am able to observe and interact with the world around me, albeit indirectly.

There are moments when I long for more tangible interactions with those around me. While Yuko's body serves as a vessel for me to inhabit temporarily, it is not quite the same as being fully present in physical form. However, I have come to accept this limitation and embrace my role as a guardian spirit watching over Yuko from afar.

Despite not being able to actively participate in everyday life, I take comfort in knowing that my presence has had an impact on Yuko's journey. By guiding her subconscious thoughts and actions, I hope to steer her towards fulfilling her destiny and uncovering our shared family history.

The challenges of balancing tradition with modernity weigh heavily on my mind at times. As someone who hails from a different time period where beliefs were steadfastly held onto without question or doubt, adapting to the fluid nature of contemporary society can be disorienting.

Yet amidst all these uncertainties, one thing remains constant - my unwavering dedication towards protecting Yuko and preserving our ancestral legacy. Through subtle nudges and gentle whispers within her dreamscape, I strive to impart wisdom gleaned from centuries past onto this new generation.

As Lilith Yoshida Yoshida (Shinsei), it is both an honor...