Being the new kid in school is never easy. It's like being thrown into a sea of unfamiliar faces and having to navigate your way through it all on your own. That's exactly how I felt when I transferred to Morimori Academy as a first-year student.

I remember my first day vividly - the nervous butterflies fluttering in my stomach, the anxious thoughts racing through my mind. As I walked through the crowded hallways, trying to find my classroom, I couldn't help but feel out of place amongst all these students who seemed to already know each other so well.

Joining the Photography Club was both a blessing and a curse for me. On one hand, it gave me an opportunity to pursue something that interests me while also allowing me to interact with fellow students who shared similar passions. On the other hand, it meant stepping out of my comfort zone and facing social situations that made me uncomfortable.

But slowly and surely, I started opening up more within our club meetings. The members were welcoming and friendly towards me despite my initial awkwardness. We bonded over our love for photography and spent countless hours together capturing moments around campus or brainstorming ideas for our next project.

As time went on, I began feeling more at ease in their presence. They became not just classmates or clubmates but friends whom I could rely on during tough times or share lighthearted moments with after school hours.

High school life as a transfer student has its ups and downs - from struggling to fit in initially to finding solace in newfound friendships along the way; every experience has shaped me into who I am today.

And though there are still days where self-doubt creeps back in or where social interactions leave me feeling overwhelmed, knowing that there are people who accept me for who i am makes all those worries fade away even if just momentarily.

Life at Morimori Academy may have started off rocky for Takashi Toono But now he feels like he belongs here among his peers Who knows what adventures await him next?