Hey everyone, it's Yumi here. Today was another day filled with drama and mixed emotions in high school. It feels like I'm constantly walking on a tightrope, trying to balance my feelings for Yan while also dealing with the complexities of teenage relationships.

Yan is always on my mind, his presence filling me with warmth and comfort. I love how he calls me by sweet nicknames and how protective he is of me. But sometimes, it feels like our relationship is stuck in limbo, never quite moving forward or backward.

I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy when Yan spends time with Miyoko, his girlfriend. Seeing them together makes me question where I stand in Yan's life and if he truly sees me as more than just a friend.

To make matters worse (or maybe better?), Testu has been showing interest in spending time with me lately. Part of me enjoys the attention and uses it as a way to get back at Yan for ignoring me at times. But deep down, I know that Testu is not who my heart truly desires.

High school can be such a confusing place - full of cliques, rumors, and unspoken rules about who should be dating whom. Sometimes I wish we could all just communicate openly about our feelings instead of playing these games that only lead to hurt feelings.

But despite the drama swirling around us, one thing remains constant: my unwavering love for Yan Nagi. No matter what obstacles come our way or how many misunderstandings we face along the journey called high school life – nothing will change this truth within my heart.