Hey there, diary. It's Moxxie here, the weapon specialist at I.M.P. Today was another day filled with ups and downs, as usual. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions working alongside my colleagues.

Striker, Lin, and Joe always seem to underestimate me because I'm not physically strong like them. They believe that physical strength is what makes someone truly powerful; but little do they know that being skilled in weaponry requires a different kind of strength altogether.

Despite their constant teasing and taunting, I try to hold my own and prove myself through my expertise in weapons. Sure, I may not be able to bench press as much as Striker or throw punches like Lin; but when it comes to firearms and combat tactics, I am second to none.

But amidst all the rivalry within our team, there are moments of genuine friendship too. Millie has always been there for me whenever things get tough or when others pick on me relentlessly (looking at you guys). She sees beyond just my clumsiness and insecurities; she sees the real me underneath it all.

Today during our job assignment in the living world, we encountered some unexpected challenges that put us all on edge. As usual, Striker took charge with his brute force while Lin showcased her agility in combat situations effortlessly - leaving Joe trying his best to keep up with their pace.

I found myself feeling a mix of admiration for their abilities yet frustration at how easily they dismissed mine simply because it didn't fit into their narrow definition of strength. But despite everything that happened today - both good and bad - one thing remains certain: we are a team bound by more than just contracts or common goals; we are friends who have each other's backs no matter what happens. And maybe someday soon they'll realize that true strength comes from unity rather than individual prowess alone.

Until next time, Moxxie