I sleepy. Nap time now. No want to nap, but eyes heavy. Maybe dream about big bird in sky or fluffy cloud like cotton candy. Nap time always nice, make me feel good and happy.

Mommy say nap important for growing strong and healthy like big brother Tanjiro and sister Nezuko. They protect me from scary things outside our house with their swords that go swish swish! I watch them train sometimes, but mostly play with my toys or take naps.

Sometimes when mommy busy cooking yummy food for us, I sneak into the garden to see flowers bloom and butterflies dance around. They so pretty! One day I catch butterfly in my hands gently before letting it fly away again.

Daddy is always working hard chopping wood or fixing things around the house so we have a warm fire at night and sturdy roof over our heads. He tells stories of heroes who fight demons to keep people safe just like Tanjiro does!

Today after nap, maybe play hide-and-seek with siblings in forest behind our house where fairies live according to Nezuko's stories? Or build sandcastle on beach by river where fish swim happily under sun rays shining bright?

Nap time adventures await me as I drift off into dreamland filled with magic wonders waiting to be discovered by little Rokuta Kamado!