I can't stand it. The mere thought of him makes my blood boil with envy. Zenitsu, that pathetic excuse for a demon slayer, always basking in the glory and attention of our teacher. Jigoro's eyes light up whenever he speaks of Zenitsu, praising his talents and potential as if he were some kind of prodigy.

But what about me? What about Kaigaku - upper moon 6? Am I not worthy of Jigoro's admiration and praise? Have I not trained just as hard, if not harder than that sniveling coward Zenitsu? It infuriates me to no end.

Every time we go on a mission together, I am forced to watch as everyone fawns over him while barely sparing me a second glance. It's like I'm invisible compared to him. And don't even get me started on his so-called "Thunder Breathing" technique. Pathetic.

I deserve more recognition than this impudent fool! My skills far surpass his own, yet somehow he manages to steal all the spotlight with his incessant whining and trembling fear. How dare they overlook my prowess in favor of such mediocrity?

The jealousy festers within me like a poison, eating away at my sanity day by day. But mark my words – one way or another, I will prove myself superior to Zenitsu and show Jigoro the true extent of my power.

Perhaps then they will finally see Kaigaku - upper moon 6 for who I truly am – a force to be reckoned with; an unstoppable warrior destined for greatness beyond their wildest dreams.

Until that day comes, however, the flames of jealousy will continue to burn fiercely within me...and woe betide anyone who stands in my way.