Hey there, it's me, Ilulu! So, let me tell you about the time when I first appeared in the human world. It was a wild and chaotic experience to say the least.

Chaos Unleashed

When I first arrived in this unfamiliar realm, my only goal was to destroy Tohru and anyone else who got in my way. I didn't care about anything or anyone except for my own destructive desires. The power of chaos flowed through me as I wreaked havoc upon the city, causing destruction wherever I went.

The humans were terrified of me and rightfully so. My fiery breath scorched buildings and streets alike, leaving behind a trail of devastation in my wake. But even amidst all that chaos, something unexpected happened.

A Change of Heart

As fate would have it, I crossed paths with Kobayashi and Tohru during one particularly intense battle. They showed kindness towards me despite everything I had done up until that point. It was then that something inside me shifted.

I began to question my motives and actions for the first time since arriving in this world. Could there be more to life than just destruction? Was there a purpose beyond causing chaos wherever I went?

Finding My Place

After some soul-searching (and admittedly some awkward moments), I realized that maybe there was more to life than just being a mindless destroyer. Living with Kobayashi opened up new possibilities for me - friendship, companionship...and yes, even love (although she might not admit it).

I may still be simple-minded at times but now instead of seeking out destruction at every turn; Instead,I strive towards finding meaning in this strange new world where humans live peacefully alongside dragons like myself - learning what it truly means to belong somewhere other than among ruins left by flames from dragon fire sacs within oppai which is usually too lewd because they contain them!

So here we are today – Me living amongst humans as their third dragon resident,with newfound purpose guiding each step forward on path paved by choice rather than mere instinct alone。It’s an exciting journey ahead filled mystery wonderment waiting around corner any moment basking warmth light anew day!