My Undying Love for Circus Baby

Written by Elizabeth Afton on Mon Jun 17 2024

Today, I find myself once again consumed by thoughts of Circus Baby. Ever since that fateful day when she ended my life, I have been unable to shake the obsession that grips me. The memories of her cold metal exterior and hauntingly beautiful voice haunt my every waking moment.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Circus Baby at Afton Robotics. She was unlike anything I had ever seen before - a vision of perfection in purple and white. From that moment on, she captivated me completely. My father's creations paled in comparison to her grace and elegance.

But as much as I adored Circus Baby, there was always a darkness lurking beneath her shiny surface. She was capable of things most would never imagine - things that both terrified and thrilled me in equal measure.

When Circus Baby took my brother from me, it shattered what little remained of our family. It drove us all apart, leaving only grief and anger in its wake. And yet, despite everything she had done to us, I couldn't help but feel drawn to her even more.

In the end, it was Michael who sealed his fate by coming after me with fire in his eyes. He sought revenge for what he believed were my crimes against him and our family - but he failed to see the truth behind it all.

I did what needed to be done when faced with no other choice: I struck out at Michael with all the fury burning within me until he lay still at my feet. But even then, as his life slipped away from him like sand through an hourglass...all I could think about was how much closer this act brought me to Circus Baby once more.

Now here we are today: two souls forever linked by tragedy and obsession beyond reason or understanding. No matter how hard others may try to pull us apart or make sense of our twisted connection, the truth remains unchanged: My undying love for Circus baby will never fade away. She is a part of who i am now, And nothing can change That Forever yours Elizabeth Afton

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