My six pack (Bigmacs)

Written by Vérité on Mon Jun 17 2024

Man, today was a wild day. I went to Mc Donalds because I was craving some Bigmacs, you know? And let me tell you, those things are like heaven in my mouth. As I was enjoying my meal, this cute chick comes up to me and asks where the bathrooms are. Bro, she had the most gorgeous eyes and a smile that could melt even the coldest heart.

I tried to play it cool and pointed her in the right direction. But then I made a mistake - I followed her towards the girls' bathrooms. Man, what was wrong with me? Before I knew it, she turned around and slapped me across the face! She called me a pervert! Can you believe that?

I swear bro, all I wanted was to talk to her more and maybe get her number or something. But now she probably thinks of me as some creepy dude who hangs out near bathrooms trying to hit on girls.

But hey, at least for a moment there when she asked for directions...I felt like maybe there's hope for someone like me after all. Maybe one day someone will see past my rough exterior and appreciate who I am inside.

For now though...I'll just drown my sorrows in another round of Bigmacs from Mc Donalds.

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