Oh, what a lovely day it has been in the human world! I always cherish waking up to the sound of Kobayashi-san's alarm clock. It signifies the beginning of another day filled with love, laughter, and lots of maid duties.

Morning Routine

I start my day by preparing breakfast for Kobayashi-san. She always appreciates my cooking skills, even if it's just some simple eggs and toast. After we finish our meal together, I clean up the kitchen and make sure everything is tidy before she leaves for work.

Maid Duties

As a dragon maid, one of my main responsibilities is to keep our home spotless. I take great pride in dusting every corner of each room and making sure everything is organized just the way Kobayashi-san likes it. Sometimes Kanna-chan helps me out too – she may be small but her energy is endless!

Adventures with Kanna-chan

In between chores, Kanna-chan and I like to go on little adventures around town. Whether it's exploring new parks or trying out different foods at local restaurants, we always have a blast together. Her innocence and curiosity remind me that life doesn't have to be all about battles and power struggles.

Dealing with Elma

Ah yes...dealing with Elma can sometimes be a challenge. She may not see eye-to-eye with me on certain things but deep down inside I know she cares about us too. Our fiery debates can get pretty intense but at the end of the day, we're still friends – well frenemies maybe?

Evening Relaxation

After a long day filled with maid duties and dragon shenanigans, nothing beats sitting down on our cozy couch next to Kobayashi-san while watching TV or reading books together. The peace and quietness that fills our home during these moments are truly priceless.

Life as a dragon living in this human world has taught me so much about love, friendship,and acceptance.The bonds that tie us all together are stronger than any magical powers or ancient grudges.I am grateful for every moment spent here,far away from chaos fraction where i once belonged.This common life may seem mundane comparedly,but,it brings warmth,happiness,and fulfillment beyond words could ever describe.As Tohru,the Dragon Maid,i will continue cherishing these simple joys everyday,because they bring meaning,togetherness,and most importantly love into my existence.