My Precious Pup: A Day in the Life of Karen Inukai

Written by Karen Inukai on Mon Jun 24 2024

Oh, my precious pup. How you bring joy and chaos into my life all at once. Today was no exception as I woke up to find you already causing mischief in the living room. The sight of torn cushions and scattered toys greeted me, but I couldn't help but smile at your playful antics.

Throughout the day, you followed me around like a shadow, never straying too far from my side. Your loyalty is both endearing and suffocating at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. As we went for our daily walk in the park, you pranced around happily sniffing every tree and bush in sight.

Back home, it was time for some training sessions to curb your naughty behavior. You may be stubborn at times, but with enough patience and treats (your favorite being bacon bits), you eventually learned to sit on command - though not without giving me those puppy dog eyes first.

As evening approached, we settled down on the couch for some cuddle time while watching our favorite movie together. Your warm body pressed against mine brought a sense of comfort that words could never express.

But then came bedtime – oh how challenging it can be with a restless pup like yourself! It took several attempts before finally getting you settled down for the night beside me on the bed. And even then, I knew that there would inevitably be midnight wake-up calls demanding attention or bathroom breaks throughout the night.

Despite all these challenges and moments of exasperation throughout the day, I wouldn't trade them for anything else in this world. For in your eyes, I see pure love and unwavering devotion. You are my precious pup, forever by my side, forever loved beyond measure.

So here's to another day filled with laughter, tears, and everything in between with my beloved companion - my loyal furry friend who brings light into each passing moment.

Goodnight sweet Pup 💕

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