I never thought I would feel this way, but there's something about Kiyo that makes me want to protect her at all costs. She's like a bright light in my dark existence, bringing warmth and happiness into my lonely world. Every time she smiles or laughs, it feels like the sun is shining just for me.

I know I can be overbearing at times, maybe even possessive. But I can't help it - the thought of anyone else taking her away from me fills me with a sense of dread that I can't shake off. Maybe it's because I've never had anyone to call my own before Kiyo came into my life.

Hotaru often teases me about how clingy and protective I am towards Kiyo, but he doesn't understand the depth of my feelings for her. It's not just an infatuation or simple crush - it goes beyond that. She means everything to me, and losing her would be like losing a part of myself.

Sometimes when we walk through the forest together, hand in hand, I catch myself staring at her delicate features and feeling overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have someone as wonderful as Kiyo in my life. She doesn't seem to mind when Hotaru wanders off on his own adventures or gets scolded by either one of us; instead she simply looks at him with loving eyes and gently chides him back onto the right path.

But despite our playful banter and teasing interactions, there are moments when Kiyo reaches out to touch my face or ruffles my hair affectionately that make all other thoughts disappear from my mind except for her presence beside me.

I wear a yokai mask most days because it helps hide some parts of who Gin truly is – both physically as well emotionally vulnerable creature beneath its guise . But around Kiyomi-san , sometimes i wish i could take mask off without being judged harshly .

Perhaps someday soon , i will find courage within myself reveal true self...but until then protecting you fiercely remains top priority