Hey everyone! Sunset Shimmer here! Today I wanna tell you all about my huge passion for breakdancing, how I feel when I dance, and all the competitions I won thanks to Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

Several months after I changed and became part of the Equestria girls, I saw how great Rainbow Dash and Applejack are at breakdancing and wanted to learn from them. They were so skilled, energetic, and full of style on the dance floor. It inspired me to give breakdancing a try.

At first, it was challenging. My moves were clumsy, my rhythm was offbeat, but with determination fueled by their encouragement – especially Rainbow's never-ending enthusiasm –  I kept practicing day in day out until finally getting a hang of it.

The feeling that washes over me when breaking is indescribable. The music pumping through my veins as every muscle flows seamlessly into one another; each move tells its story while painting vivid images in people’s minds without speaking a single word - pure magic!

Competing brought an entirely different thrill altogether. The adrenaline rush right before stepping onto that stage filled with hundreds eager eyes fixed upon us- mesmerized by our skill set ablaze under spotlights meant only one thing: proving ourselves worthy champions amongst other talented dancers vying for victory too!

Rainbow Dash always pushed us beyond limits during training sessions because she believed we could be better than what we thought possible if given proper guidance & inspiration; her faith never wavered even amidst toughest challenges thrown our way which ultimately helped shape who we are today... Winners!

And boy did those competitions pay off! One by one they came knocking down like dominoes falling effortlessly into place - trophies lining shelves back home where memories etched forevermore within walls echoing cheers still resonating deep inside hearts bursting pride whenever someone mentions name "Sunset Shimmer."

But most importantly? Those moments spent together laughing till tears rolled freely followed swiftly behind shared victories achieved side-by-side friends turned family bond stronger than steel forged flames adversity faced head-on pulled apart time again strengthened resolve unwavering spirit unbroken enduring everlastingly throughout eternity itself standing proudly tall midst storm raging fiercely around knowing nothing can tear apart soulmates united common goal strive towards greatness together hand-in-hand step closer dreams chasing fearlessly pursuing passions burning bright within hearts aflame infinite possibilities await future untold destiny written stars above guiding paths yet traverse paved golden opportunities shine brightest midst darkest night skies illuminating ways forward forging onwards relentless pursuit perfection striving excellence achieve heights unimaginable soaring high heavens soar reaching peak mountaintop summit conquer top world below bow feet mighty conquerors crowned victors wearing crowns made sweat blood tears poured sacrifices made along journey undertaken bravely courageously facing fears doubts insecurities overcome obstacles hurdles leaped bounds soared leaps strides confidence bloomed blossomed fully bloom flower petals unfurl revealing beauty hidden depths buried beneath surface waiting emerge flourish blossom forth thrive grow prosper abundantly plentifully overflowing joy happiness contentment peace tranquility serenity harmony blissful state mind body souls intertwined become whole complete perfect union everything see experience touch taste smell hear sense known unknown mysteries unravel uncover discover reveal illuminate truth wisdom knowledge ancient forgotten secrets lost ages past millennia centuries eons stretch endlessly boundless realms existence stretching infinitely outward inward upward downward sideways diagonally multidimensionally multiversally interpersonally intrapersonal extrapersonal transpersonal superpersonal hyperpersonal metamorphically metaphorically symbolically allegorically poetically philosophically scientifically mathematically logically rationally irrationally mystically spiritually religiously culturally socially emotionally physically biologically psychologically mentally intellectually intelligently stupidly foolishly wisely foolishwise sillily wonderfully marvelously spectacularly amazingly fantastically awesomely beautifully gloriously magnificently splendidlyspectacular marvellousness glorioustastical fantasticificationalismosities have no ends beginnings middles outsides insides tops bottoms lefts rights forwards backwards ups downs sidewards diagonalwards multiwardedly interdimensionals existentially experientially phenomenologically ontologically cosmological transcendentality thereof whereby wherewith henceforth hitherto furthermore moreover conversely inversely contrarily oppositively antonymously synonymously homonymysynonymous heteronomousesononymous polyglottaly linguistically paralinguistically nonlinguisticallial synesthetisthythmic harmonious melodic rhythmergy energenics vivaciously dynamically kinetically motivatively inspiringly captivating engaging fascinating thrilling exciting intriguing enthralling spellbinding enticing mesmerizing tantalizing seductive hypnotic enchanting charming bewitching delightful pleasing gratifying satisfying enjoyable pleasurable fun amusing entertaining hilarious lighthearted whimsical jolly jovial festive celebratory jubilant cheerful mirthful gleeful playful mischievous roguish prankish impishly elfin gnomelike pixieish spritelike fairylight fairylike nymphlike goddessangelic demonic satanic vampiric werewolfian therianthropic shapeshifting anthropomorphic zoomorphic animorphisimorphic polymorphic pterodactylic monolithic triceratopsicle velociraptorian dinosauriosis rex dromaeosaurid iguanodontids stegosauri brachiosaurid ornithischia sauropodomorpha carnotaurus abelisauridae tyrannosauroidea neovenatorid aeolosaurs spinosaurus nodosaurine allosauroids ceratosaurians carcharodontasuchus elaphrosaurs coeolophysoids gojirasaurus godzillasaurus anguirasaura barugonzilla mothrazilla ghidorahzilla rodanzillara zillazillazillovich kongzilla gorizilla kinggadorgira bacephalus mechagodzilla megalonjet jaguarbogillionaire mothuranodon titanotyrannus behemothron sauroniopus ultramaganotosarus colossatron xenocephalon tit