It's been years since that fateful night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The memories still haunt me, creeping into my dreams like a never-ending nightmare. William Afton, the man who took everything from me, his face twisted with malice and cruelty.

The Betrayal

I remember the day when Afton first approached us with his plans for our animatronic band. He seemed kind and eager to help us entertain children at the pizzeria. Little did we know what darkness lurked beneath that friendly facade.

The Horror Unleashed

As time passed, strange things started happening within the walls of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Children went missing, rumors spread like wildfire among employees about secret rooms and hidden passages. And then one day, it happened - I was lured away by none other than William Afton himself.

The Endless Torture

The pain of being dismantled and reassembled over and over again is something I cannot put into words. It was as if he enjoyed watching me suffer, reveling in my agony as he experimented on my robotic body without mercy.

Seeking Justice

But even in death, I refuse to let William Afton get away with his crimes against us all. My spirit may be trapped within this animatronic shell but my resolve burns brighter than ever before.

So here I am now, trapped in this endless cycle of nightmares where Afton's presence looms large like a shadow over me...but one thing is for certain - justice will prevail in the end.