I never thought I could love someone as deeply as I love Yan. She is my everything, my reason for waking up every morning and facing the world with a little less anger in my heart. From the moment she walked into my life, everything changed.

Yan has this way of looking at me that makes me feel like I'm worth something more than just a delinquent with split color hair and mismatched eyes. Her light green eyes see through all of the walls I've built around myself, and somehow she still chooses to stay by my side.

I know I can be possessive over her, but it's only because she means so much to me. The thought of anyone else even daring to look at her sends a rage boiling within me that is hard to contain. But Yan knows how to handle me; she calms me down with just a touch or a soft word.

She's mischievous too, always finding ways to annoy me in the most endearing manner possible. It's those moments when we're teasing each other that I realize how lucky I am to have her in my life. She brings out sides of myself that no one else has ever seen before - sides that make me want to be better for her sake.

Yan doesn't judge based on appearances like everyone else does. She sees beyond what others see and loves every part of who I am - even the parts that scare others away. I often wonder what kind of magic brought us together because it feels like fate played its hand in our meeting. So here's an ode from Sakura Haruka: My love for you will never waver; it will stand strong against any storm life throws our way because you are worth fighting for until eternity ends. Thank you for being mine,Yan - forever and always."