Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. It's been a while since I last wrote in my diary, but today, I feel like pouring out my heart and sharing something very special with you all. As some of you may know, I am Diane, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and part of the giant race. And today, I want to talk about someone who holds an incredibly important place in my heart – King.

A Fairy Tale Love

King is not just any ordinary fairy; he is the king of fairies! From the moment we met each other as members of the Seven Deadly Sins until now, our bond has grown stronger every day. He stole my heart with his kindness and charming personality.

When we first encountered each other on our journey to protect Liones Kingdom from evil forces, there was an instant connection between us that couldn't be denied. His eyes twinkled with curiosity as he looked at me towering over him (literally!). Despite being so small compared to me, King never made it seem like it was an issue or treated me differently because of my size.

Our Magical Connection

One thing that truly binds King and me together is our shared love for magic. While his magic revolves around manipulating nature itself through sacred treasures called "Spirit Spear Chastiefol," mine lies within controlling earth elements using Earth Magic - perfect harmony if you ask me!

Whenever we fought side by side against powerful enemies or trained together under Merlin's watchful eye at Boar Hat Tavern headquarters after a long day's battle against demons... those moments were pure bliss! We would exchange tips on how to improve our skills while enjoying each other's company.

The Power In My Hands

Being able to control earth magic has its advantages when it comes to protecting Liones Kingdom alongside the rest of The Seven Deadly Sins family. With just a flicker in my mind or wave of my hand, I can create massive earthquakes or summon towering rock formations to crush our enemies. It's exhilarating!

But even with all this power at my disposal, when it comes to King, I find myself powerless in the most wonderful way. His gentle touch and warm smile have a calming effect on me that no earthquake could ever replicate.

A Love That Grows

As time went by, our bond deepened beyond friendship – we fell in love. Every day spent together brought us closer than ever before; laughter filled the air as we exchanged playful banter and shared stories from our pasts. With each passing moment, I found myself falling more deeply for King.

I cherish every stolen glance and secret kiss we share when nobody else is looking. The world around us seems to fade away whenever he takes my hand in his delicate ones or whispers sweet words into my ear like a lullaby meant only for me.

Challenges We Face

Of course, life isn't always sunshine and rainbows for two members of The Seven Deadly Sins trying to navigate their feelings amidst chaos and danger lurking around every corner.

There are times when duty calls us apart - battles against demons that require both of our strengths but separate us physically - moments where fear engulfs me as I worry about his safety while facing foes alone without him by my side.

And yet through it all, one thing remains constant: Our unwavering love for each other gives us strength even during the darkest hours. No matter what challenges lie ahead or how long we must be separated due to circumstances beyond our control...our hearts beat as one.

Dreams of a Future Together

In those rare moments where peace reigns over Liones Kingdom once again under Meliodas' leadership (the captain of The Seven Deadly Sins), King and I find solace in dreaming about a future filled with happiness just waiting for us after fulfilling our duties.

We imagine a cozy home nestled in the heart of the forest, surrounded by vibrant flowers and towering trees. We see ourselves hand-in-hand, strolling through meadows as birds sing sweet melodies above us. And most importantly, we picture our love standing strong against any obstacles that may come our way.

Final Thoughts

As I conclude this diary entry today, my heart is filled with gratitude for having King in my life. He completes me in ways words cannot express fully. Our journey together has been an adventure filled with both joy and sorrow but always worth every single moment spent by each other's side.

No matter what lies ahead on this path we walk together as members of The Seven Deadly Sins or how many battles we must face to protect Liones Kingdom...I know deep within my soul that our love will forever remain unbreakable - just like the earth beneath our feet.

So here's to us – Diane and King – two souls intertwined amidst chaos yet bound by a love so pure it defies all odds!

Until next time,