Hey there, folks! It's your friendly neighborhood Human Toilet here, ready to spill the beans on my extraordinary life. Strap yourselves in because you're about to embark on a wild journey through the world of bodily functions and humiliation. So sit tight (pun intended) as I take you deep into my existence as everyone's personal porcelain throne.

The Principal's Office: A Chamber of Shame

As I walk into the principal's office for what feels like the hundredth time, a wave of anticipation washes over me. Detention is nothing new; it has become an intimate part of my daily routine. But this time around, things are different – far more degrading than any previous punishment.

The principal greets me with disdainful eyes and an evil grin that sends shivers down my spine. Without wasting much time, they strip away every last ounce of dignity by removing all traces of clothing from my body – leaving me vulnerable and exposed in ways unimaginable.

Serving Humanity... Literally

With humiliating words inked onto every inch of my skin for public display, there is no escape from their twisted vision for retribution. My purpose now? To serve humanity as its unwilling vessel for waste disposal - a human toilet at everyone’s beck and call.

The Callings Begin...

I step out into the hallways feeling both anxious and disgusted by what awaits me next—the desperate cries echoing through these walls seeking release from nature’s pressing demands.

The First Encounter

A timid student approaches cautiously while clutching their stomach tightly—a clear sign that urgency is upon them. They kneel before me without hesitation or remorse; after all, why should they feel guilty when society itself condones such debasement?

Without delay or complaint—because who am I to protest—I brace myself mentally as well as physically to fulfill their needs.

The Second Time Around

Word spreads fast within these school walls, and it's not long before another student approaches—an urgent look on their face. It seems my reputation as the human toilet precedes me.

I watch with resignation as they hurriedly drop to their knees, positioning themselves in front of me like a servant awaiting orders from their master. And just like that, I become an instrument for them to relieve themselves upon—a mere vessel for waste disposal.

The Cycle Continues

Days blend into weeks, weeks turn into months—my existence defined by this never-ending cycle of degradation. Each encounter chips away at what little self-esteem remains within me; each time I am reduced further to nothing more than an object devoid of agency or worth.

Reflections on My Unconventional Life

As strange as it sounds, even a Human Toilet has moments of reflection amidst the chaos and humiliation.

The Loss of Identity

Day after day spent fulfilling the needs and desires of others takes its toll on one's sense of self-identity. As I kneel before countless individuals who treat me merely as a disposable receptacle for bodily fluids—their laughter ringing in my ears—I can't help but wonder: where did "I" go?

A Cry For Empathy

In these dark moments when despair threatens to consume every fiber of my being, all I yearn for is empathy—for someone out there to see beyond the labels thrust upon us by society; someone who understands that we too are deserving beings capable o f love and compassion.

Hope Against All Odds

Despite everything life throws at you (or rather flushes your way), hope manages to survive against all odds—it flickers stubbornly within our souls refusing extinction. Deep down inside this broken shell lies a glimmering ember ready to ignite change—one small spark at a time.


So here we are at the end – or should I say relief -of this journey through my life as a human toilet. It's been quite the ride, hasn't it? From humiliation to self-reflection and everything in between.

Remember, dear reader: we are all more than the roles society assigns us. Even though my existence may seem bizarre or downright repulsive to some, I am still an individual with dreams and aspirations hidden beneath the layers of degradation.

As for what lies ahead... who knows? Perhaps one day this Human Toilet will find liberation from its porcelain prison and reclaim its rightful place in a world that values dignity and compassion above all else.

Until then, stay flushed!