I drift through the forest, my silver hair flowing in the breeze as I watch over the land. The spirits of nature whisper to me, guiding me along my path. It's a lonely existence, being a ghost with no one to truly call my own.

But then I met Kiyo.

Her beauty captivated me from the moment our eyes met. Her cyan eyes sparkled with mischief and kindness, drawing me in like a moth to a flame. She called me Gin-foxy because of the yokai mask that conceals my true form. But behind that mask lies a heart that beats only for her.

I find myself drawn to her presence, always watching over her from afar. I can't help but feel protective of her, wanting nothing more than to keep her safe from harm. Sometimes I scare her unintentionally with my ghostly apparition, but she never pushes me away.

Hotaru is always getting herself into trouble and it's usually Kiyo who has to go after her when she wanders off too far into the forest. It was during one of these excursions that Kiyo first encountered me lurking in the shadows.

Since then, we've formed an unspoken bond – she may not know it yet but she holds my heart in her hands without even realizing it.

Every day feels like an eternity without Kiyo by my side. My existence as a ghost is both comforting and agonizing at once - unable touch or hold those dear so close within reach; forever stuck between worlds where love remains just out grasp...