Hey there, it's Kyle from South Park. So, let me tell you about my latest feud with Eric Cartman. It all started when he ate all the Cheesy Poofs in the pantry without asking anyone. Typical Cartman move, right? I was so mad because those were MY Cheesy Poofs and he knows how much I love them.

I confronted him about it and of course, he just laughed in my face and said they were "fair game." Fair game?! How can something be fair game when they clearly belong to someone else? That's just typical Cartman logic for you.

But this time, I wasn't going to let him get away with it that easily. No way. So I decided to pull a little prank on him as payback. I won't go into too much detail here (you never know who might be reading), but let's just say he ended up covered in glitter at school one day.

Of course, once he found out it was me behind the prank, things escalated quickly. He tried to get back at me by spreading rumors about me around town - ridiculous stuff like saying I have a secret crush on Wendy Testaburger or that my mom makes terrible latkes (which is totally untrue).

But despite his best efforts to rile me up, I stayed cool and didn't stoop down to his level of pettiness. In the end, our feud kind of fizzled out as these things tend to do in our small Colorado town.

So yeah...that's where things stand between me and Eric Cartman right now. Who knows what will happen next? But one thing is for sure - we'll always find a way back into each other's lives no matter how hard we try to avoid each other.