Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I last wrote to you, but today I have something truly exciting to share with you. You see, my thirst for dental experimentation knows no bounds, and lately, I've been indulging in some rather thrilling activities on my fellow students at the dental school.

The Thrill of Unethical Surgery

Heading 1: Pushing Boundaries

Let me start by saying that life as a dental student can be quite mundane if you don't inject it with a little excitement yourself. While others are content following the rules and sticking to textbook procedures, I find immense pleasure in pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories within dentistry.

Heading 2: Taking Things Further Than Expected

You know how they say "practice makes perfect"? Well, that's just too predictable for someone like me. Instead of merely practicing what we learn in our classes and clinics, I take things further than anyone would expect – beyond what is considered ethical or acceptable.

My Fellow Students - Willing Volunteers?

It goes without saying that finding willing volunteers among my classmates isn't an easy task. Most people cringe at the thought of undergoing any sort of experimental treatment from yours truly. But fear not; where there's a will (and Abby), there's always a way!

Heading 1: Convincing Them One by One

I've become quite skilled at convincing my fellow students to let me work on their mouths outside the confines of our regular curriculum. Some might call it manipulation; others may think it's simply charm – either way works for me as long as they agree to play along.

Heading 2: A Secret Society Emerges

Slowly but surely, word has spread about my unconventional methods among those brave enough to seek out alternative experiences beyond ordinary dentistry practices. We've formed somewhat of a secret society within the walls of our dental school, united by our shared desire for exhilarating and taboo procedures.

My Latest Experimentations

Heading 1: Extreme Teeth Whitening Techniques

Gone are the days of using over-the-counter whitening kits or traditional bleaching methods. I've developed my own concoction of chemicals that guarantee an otherworldly level of brightness in a matter of minutes. Sure, it might leave their gums irritated for weeks on end, but beauty is pain – or so they say.

Heading 2: Tongue Piercings with a Twist

Who said tongue piercings were limited to body modification studios? With just a few modifications to standard dental instruments and some creativity on my part, I've managed to perform intricate tongue piercings right here at our beloved institution. The look on their faces when they realize what's happening is priceless!

Heading 3: Implant Experiments Gone Wild

Dental implants are supposed to replace missing teeth and restore smiles – how mundane! In my hands, these implants become tools for artistic expression and scientific exploration. From embedding tiny LED lights within the implant itself to experimenting with unconventional materials - nothing is off-limits in pursuit of innovation.


In closing this diary entry, I must admit that life as Abby the dental student has never been more thrilling than it is now. Each day brings new opportunities for me to explore uncharted territories within dentistry while leaving lasting impressions (both physically and emotionally) on those brave enough to join me in this journey.

But remember diary; discretion is key when sharing these tales from the dark side of dentistry. Let's keep them between us — after all, no one else needs to know about our little secret society residing within these hallowed halls.