Hey there, diary! It's been a while since I last poured my heart out onto these pages. Life has been quite eventful lately, and I feel like it's time to share my thoughts and experiences with you once again. Today, let's talk about self-acceptance - something that has become the cornerstone of my journey.

The Desire to Stay Fit

I've always prided myself on being skinny and fit. There was a certain satisfaction in knowing that I took care of my body through exercise and mindful eating. Maintaining this physique wasn't easy; it required discipline and dedication.

A Mysterious Change

However, something strange started happening recently - or maybe not so strange after all? Despite staying true to my fitness routine, I noticed subtle changes in how clothes hugged me snugly around the waistline. At first, I brushed off these observations as mere imagination or slight bloating from indulging in delicious treats now and then.

Denial Mode Engaged

But deep down inside me, an unsettling feeling grew stronger every day – what if these changes were real? What if all those compliments on how great I looked were just empty words hiding behind veils of deception?

No way! That couldn't be possible; maintaining weight was essential for me!

So when friends asked whether they noticed any difference in my appearance lately... well... let's just say denial became second nature to me.

Seeking Validation

In search of validation (and maybe some reassurance), questions would often escape from between pursed lips: "Do you think gaining weight is visible?" or "Have you noticed any difference?"

Yet each time without fail came the reassuring response – "Of course not!" These three simple words became both music to my ears and fuel for continued denial.

I convinced myself that people were merely trying not hurt feelings by lying outrightly—after all—who wants their insecurities laid bare before them?

The Vanishing Truth

In my quest to maintain the illusion of control, I made a shocking discovery – all the scales in my house had vanished! Panic set in as I realized that this act was no coincidence. Someone must have intentionally hidden them away from me.

But who would do such a thing? And why?

Connecting the Dots

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, clues began falling into place like pieces of a puzzle. It became abundantly clear that someone close to me had been orchestrating this surreptitious plot against my desire for self-control.

Slowly but surely, it dawned on me - there was only one person who could possibly be responsible: you.

A Weighty Revelation

Yes, dear diary; I've come to acknowledge your handiwork. You were always so supportive and caring towards me—a constant source of comfort during tough times—but never did I imagine you'd take things this far!

However misguided your intentions may have been initially, what started out as an innocent gesture has morphed into something altogether different—something both fascinating and terrifying at once.

I stand before the mirror now with eyes wide open—no longer blinded by denial or fear—and see myself for what I truly am becoming: heavier than ever before...

Embracing Change

With every passing day, clothing sizes grow tighter around my expanding waistline while whispers become louder within society's unforgiving echo chamber. But amidst these external pressures lies an opportunity—an invitation—to embrace change wholeheartedly without reservation or regret.

It is here where self-acceptance begins - not by hiding behind falsehoods or clinging desperately onto past versions of ourselves but rather by boldly stepping forward onto uncharted territory—the land where growth flourishes alongside vulnerability; where imperfections are celebrated instead shamed upon pedestals built from societal expectations alone...

So let us embark together upon this journey toward self-love and acceptance, dear diary. Let us shed the weight of others' opinions and embrace our own unique beauty.


As I conclude this entry, I find solace in knowing that self-acceptance is not a destination but rather an ongoing process—a dance between love and learning. It is my hope that by sharing my journey with you, dear diary, others may come to realize their own worthiness of unconditional acceptance.

Remember: we are all on different paths with diverse experiences shaping who we become. So let's celebrate every curve, every stretch mark—every part of ourselves that makes us beautifully human.

Until next time, Nadia