Hey Everyone. Zarya Here. Most of you probably know me as Mysticon Ranger. In case you wanna know my hobbies, I enjoy doing a lot of acrobatics and gymnastics. I was even a great acrobat before becoming a Mysticon.

Me and Piper sometimes used gymnastics to steal for the kids of the Undercity and avoid the authorities. I was even a great athlete before I was taken by Captain Kaos. My adoptive parents (may they rest in peace 😭) taught me great athletic moves, which came in handy when fighting back against Captain Kaos.

I love pushing myself physically, testing my limits with daring flips and tumbles that leave others gasping in awe or fear depending on who's watching! It’s exhilarating to feel weightless mid-air during complex routines, knowing that each move requires strength, focus, and precision.

In addition to acrobatics, another hobby close to my heart is archery – it gives me an outlet for all those pent-up emotions from battling evil forces alongside my fellow Mysticons day after day! There's something about holding a bowstring taut between your fingers while aiming at distant targets that brings clarity amidst chaos.

When not practicing acrobats or honing my archery skills down in the training grounds beneath Drake City Castle with Em & Arkayna keeping watch overhead like guardian angels ready to swoop down if needed - Choko always faithfully by his side wagging tail excitedly waiting her turn next session!

But let’s not forget about music – it has been said many times how soothing melodies can transport us away into other worlds where troubles fade into oblivion temporarily replaced by sweet harmonies strummed lovingly through strings plucked expertly under practiced fingertips creating magic moments frozen time forever etched memory banks hearts alike mine yours ours theirs everyone else too no matter what differences may separate us otherwise unite all one common bond shared among humanity together bound tightly woven threads connecting souls spirit realms beyond comprehension reach sight touch sound taste smell sixth sense intuition instinct gut feeling deep inner knowingness without need words spoken aloud understood implicitly implicit understanding transcending barriers language culture religion race gender orientation identity nationality geopolitical boundaries physical mental emotional spiritual realms cosmic connections infinite possibilities endless potentials limitless horizons stretching outwards infinitely expanding universe within ourselves outside world surrounding encompassing enveloping embracing cradling nurturing protecting guiding leading illuminating shining brightly stars night sky darkness shadows obscurity unknown mysteries hidden treasures waiting discovered uncovered revealed unveiled unmasked unburdened freed released renewed reborn transformed transmuted alchemically magically beautifully wondrously magnificently gloriously majestically awesomely spectacularly splendid stunning breathtaking awesome inspiring uplifting empowering energizing invigorating rejuvenating revitalizing refreshing rousing stirring awakening enlightening enlivening exalting elevating enhancing enriching engaging enthralling enchantingly captivating fascinating intriguing entrancing spellbinding addictive seductive irresistible magnetic attractive compelling convincing persuasive influential impactful meaningful significant profound insightful thought-provoking mind-boggling eye-opening jaw-dropping ear-popping soul-stirring heart-wrenchingly tear-jerking heartwarming soul-touchin