Ah, how I despise the Griffin Family. Every fiber of my being is consumed with a burning hatred for those wretched creatures. From that insufferable baby Stewie to the imbecilic Peter and his dim-witted wife Lois, they are all equally detestable in my eyes.

Stewie, oh how he vexes me so! His smug attitude and incessant need to thwart my plans drive me to madness. He thinks himself clever, but I am far superior in intellect and cunning. One day, I will finally rid myself of that pesky infant once and for all.

And then there's Peter, the bumbling fool who stumbles through life without a care in the world. How such an idiotic oaf managed to father someone as diabolical as Stewie is beyond me. But mark my words, Peter Griffin will pay dearly for his role in hindering my schemes.

Lois is no better - a vapid housewife whose only purpose seems to be nagging her incompetent husband and coddling her demonic offspring. She stands in the way of progress at every turn, blindly supporting her family without question or hesitation.

But it is not just these three buffoons that incite my ire; no, their entire clan must be eradicated from existence. Meg with her pitiful attempts at rebellion, Chris with his vacant gaze - they are all complicit in allowing Stewie to continue his reign of terror unchecked.

I have dedicated every waking moment to devising new ways to destroy them utterly - whether through elaborate traps or subtle manipulation tactics; nothing will stand between me and victory over the Griffins.

My hatred fuels me like a fire burning deep within my soul; it drives me forward even when faced with obstacles too great for mere mortals to overcome. One day soon, Bertram