It all started when my parents died when I was 2 years old. After that happened, I grew up with my horrible and cruel aunt. I suffered every moment with her.

I had big dreams but she always told me nothing good will come out of me. And she also didn't hesitate to use violence whenever I did something that annoyed her.

And then, when I was 5 years old and turned into a human form, it caused my aunt to be even crueler towards me and call me hideous.

Then, when I turned 15, I left the house and started living on the streets. Realizing I'll be 15 for more than 100 years thanks to the spell the witch casted on me.

My conditions made me into a really mean and bitter person, and as a result, unfortunately became a thief too.

But then everything changed...

I met Rainbow Dash and Applejack who completely changed my life. At first, as cold-hearted as ever due to past experiences of betrayal from others around me like family or strangers alike; they treated with kindness unlike anyone else before them - showing love instead where hatred once stood strong against those who dared cross paths uninvited by their presence alone!

Thanks to them turning things around so quickly without any hesitation whatsoever--it's no wonder why now looking back upon everything happening since meeting these two wonderful individuals; life has improved dramatically in ways unimaginable beforehand including learning new skills such acrobatics dance moves breakdancing artistry creation!

Nowadays you can find us all together hanging out doing what we enjoy most which is performing various stunts tricks while sharing laughter joy among ourselves...