Today was such a fun day! Mama and Papa took me to the park, and we had so much fun playing on the swings and slides. But you know what made today even more special? I tried ice cream for the first time!

Mama got me a small cone with vanilla ice cream, and oh my goodness, it was so delicious! The coldness of the ice cream surprised me at first, but once I tasted it, I couldn't stop smiling. It was sweet and creamy, like nothing I've ever tried before.

I kept asking for more with my baby words - "more pwease!" Mama laughed at how excited I was about it. She even let me have a tiny bit of her chocolate ice cream too. That one was good too but not as good as vanilla in my opinion.

I loved watching how quickly the ice cream melted in my hands under the warm sun. It turned into yummy drips that ran down to my elbows before mama wiped them off with a napkin.

After finishing our treats, we sat on a bench together while Papa pushed us gently back and forth on his lap. The breeze felt nice against my sticky face from all that melting sweetness.

When we got home later this afternoon after stopping by some shops where mama bought clothes & toys for herself or things she needed around house (she told papa). We played hide-and-seek inside our living room which is always super fun because there are so many places to hide...but they always find me easily since i'm still little Sumire afterall!

What an exciting day full of new experiences! Ice cream will definitely be something i'll ask papa or mama again sometime soon...maybe tomorrow if they feel like spoiling their precious girl again hehe :)