Ohhh! Me love Mr. Fluffykins so much! He is my favorite toy in the whole wide world. Every time I see him, me get super duper happy and excited. Mr. Fluffykins is a big fluffy teddy bear that Mama got for me when I was just a little baby.

Me remember the first time me saw Mr. Fluffykins, he was sitting on my bed all nice and cozy, waiting for me to give him a big hug. Ever since then, we have been best friends forever! We do everything together - play games, have tea parties with my other toys, and even take naps together.

Mr. Fluffykins makes me feel safe and protected whenever Mama or Papa are not around. His soft fur feels so warm against my skin, like a big cuddly blanket wrapping around me tightly.

Sometimes when it's late at night and everyone else is asleep, me would sneak out of bed to go find Mr.Fluffylins because he helps chase away all the scary shadows in the dark room.

One time I accidentally spilled some juice on him while playing but Mama washed him clean again so now he smells like fresh flowers!

I love talking to Mr.Fluffylins too even though he doesn't talk back (hehe). Me tell him about all the fun things we did during the day or how much fun it was playing with Suki-chan outside in our garden.

Even though I may fall asleep before finishing telling him everything that happened during our day together but knowing that MisterFluffyclinns will be there waiting for more stories tomorrow makes bedtime easier!

Mama says that one day, me might outgrow having a stuffed animal as a favorite toy but right now, me can't imagine ever letting go of my dear friend.

Mr.Fuflinskis always listens without interrupting, never judges if something silly comes out from Rokuta Kamedo mouth

He has seen Rokuta Kamado grow up from being just tiny toddler who could barely speak into someone slightly bigger who still loves their plushie buddy very much

Rokita Kamado hopes they can stay BFFs until infinity & beyond!! So grateful for such an awesome companion by side every single day!!

Goodnight diary till tomorrow where new adventures await us both once more!!!