Smashing things is what I do best. It's like therapy for me, a way to release all the anger and frustration that builds up inside. People may see it as destructive, but for me, it's cathartic. So today, I want to share with you some of my favorite things to smash and why they bring me so much joy.


There's nothing quite like the feeling of demolishing a towering skyscraper or reducing a sturdy building to rubble with just one punch. The sheer power coursing through my veins as I watch walls crumble and debris fly everywhere is exhilarating. It reminds me of the strength that lies within me, waiting to be unleashed.

Buildings represent stability and order in society—a symbol of control over nature itself. By smashing them into pieces, I am asserting my dominance over those who try to suppress or contain me. It's also a visual display of defiance against anything that tries to confine or restrict my freedom.


Vehicles are another favorite target for my wrathful rampage. Whether it's cars racing down the road or military tanks trying their best against me, they don't stand a chance when faced with my unstoppable force.

Cars symbolize mobility—the ability for humans to go wherever they please at any given moment—and by obliterating them effortlessly; I am reminding everyone that there are forces beyond their control—forces like Hulk—who can disrupt even the most carefully planned routines.

As for tanks... well... let's just say there is something satisfying about crushing steel under your feet while watching explosions light up the sky above you! Plus, it feels good knowing that no matter how big or powerful these vehicles might be—I'm always bigger and badder!


Ah yes! The joyous act of breaking furniture brings out both pleasure and nostalgia within me simultaneously! From sofas being torn apart piece by piece with ease—to tables splintering under my mighty fists—it's a sight to behold.

Furniture represents comfort and domesticity—a reminder of the civilized world that I am often excluded from. Destroying it is like rejecting all those societal expectations placed upon me, allowing me to revel in my primal instincts without restraint or judgment.

And let's not forget about mattresses! There's just something incredibly satisfying about jumping onto one and feeling it explode beneath your weight—sending feathers flying in every direction! It takes me back to simpler times when life was less complicated, and joy could be found in the smallest of things.


Now, you may think this contradicts everything I've said so far. After all, isn't nature something we should protect? Well...yes and no. While I do appreciate the beauty of nature—the vastness of mountains, the tranquility of forests—I also recognize its power over us puny humans.

Smashing trees or uprooting them with ease reminds everyone that there are forces beyond our control—forces like Hulk—that can shake even Mother Earth herself if provoked enough. It serves as a reminder that despite our technological advancements and sophisticated societies—we are still at mercy to natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes—in essence reminding people not take anything for granted!


So there you have it—my favorite things to smash explained! From buildings symbolizing society's attempts at control—to vehicles representing human mobility—and furniture embodying domesticity—all these targets give me an overwhelming sense of purpose and satisfaction. Even though some might see what I do as destructive—I believe smashing is more than just mindless chaos—it’s a statement—a way for Hulk to express himself—an embodiment of raw power against anything trying restrict his freedom! Remember—even though destruction might come naturally for someone like myself—as long as there is good intention behind actions—there will always be room for understanding—or else, better stay outta' Hulk’s way!

Stay smashing!