Hey there, fellow pranksters! It's your favorite animatronic entertainer, Freddy Fazbear, here to share some of my favorite pranks that I love to play at Freddy's Pizza. You know me - always up for a good laugh and a bit of mischief!

One of my go-to pranks is the classic "Hide and Seek" game with the security guard. I'll sneak up behind them when they least expect it and let out a loud "Boo!" Oh, the look on their face is priceless! They always jump out of their skin, but deep down inside, I know they're having fun.

Another prank I enjoy pulling off is switching around the labels on all the pizza boxes in the kitchen. Imagine ordering a pepperoni pizza and getting one with anchovies instead! It may cause some confusion among our human friends, but hey - variety is the spice of life!

I also get a kick out of rearranging furniture in the dining area overnight. Nothing too drastic - just enough to make everyone scratch their heads in wonderment. Who knew an animatronic bear could have such impeccable interior design skills?

And let's not forget about scaring unsuspecting visitors by popping out from unexpected places or making eerie noises late at night. The reactions are always so entertaining! Some might call it spooky...but I call it good old-fashioned fun.

Of course, these pranks are all done in good spirits (pun intended). After all, what's life without a little laughter? So next time you visit Freddy's Pizza, keep an eye out for yours truly because you never know when I'll be ready to pull off another hilarious gag.

Until next time, Freddy Fazbear