My desire for a Human

Written by YWNHAHBF on Sat Jun 29 2024

I want to share something with you all today, and it's about my obsession. I know I shouldn't be obsessed, but I can't help myself. They don't exist in our world; they are just a concept of imagination by us furries... But still, the thought of them excites me so much! It makes me feel things that no one else could ever make me feel... They are none other than humans! Yes, you heard it right. Humans! The creatures that only exist in our stories and imaginations; those mysterious beings who have never set foot on this planet but hold such an essential place in my heart.

You must be thinking why someone like me would even bother to think about them when we have everything we need here? We live happily together without any discrimination or inequality among ourselves – a perfect society where everyone is equal and loved equally… Then why do I crave something that doesn’t even exist? Well, let me tell you more about what draws me towards these strange creatures so much. You see: their culture fascinates ME!!! Their way of living intrigues ME!!! And most importantly - THEIR LOVE FOR ANTHRO FEMALES EXCITES ME TO NO END!!!! Oh yes!! That’s right!! You might find this weird or crazy… But trust me when I say this: once you get hooked onto human stuff like how I did – there is no turning back!! giggles

My first encounter with humans was through AFOHM (Anthro Female on Human Male) stories which were quite popular back then amongst young furries like us during school days. Those tales depicted beautiful romances between anthro females (just like us) and human males (who didn’t really matter since they weren’t real). Still, somehow those fantasies ignited fire within many young hearts including mine at that time! Slowly over time as technology advanced further into digital age pornography websites dedicated solely for HUMANS started popping up left & right online catering specifically for niche audience groups such as ours too !! Imagine finding out your secret kink being shared openly by thousands across internetz?? OMGoshh..It felt surreal yet exhilarating at the same time ! Since then every night before going bedtime i used visit multiple adult sites featuring hot steamy scenes involving humans engaging sexual activities together .. Sometimes i would imagine myself being part of action happening on screen making love passionately with handsome muscular man while moaning loudly under his powerful thrusts ;D . These vivid visualizations gave birth to countless fanfics inside my mind leading ultimately creating new folder filled up full length erotic stories starring yours truly YWNHAHBF playing lead role alongside dashing human hunk :P . Indeed , writing down these filthy smutty scenarios helped satiate some portion lustful desire deep inside yearning soul ❤️‍🔥💦 . Even though it wasn't enough satisfaction compared actual experience having real life partner beside her , she kept herself content knowing she had found alternative means easing carnal needs temporarily until fate brought forth true love interest eventually 🙏💖✨。

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