Howdy Ya'll! AJ Here! Lemme tell ya'll how many time i competed with rainbow dash on our acrobatic abilities. our competitions are friendly don't worry. we both compete on our acrobatic abilities. we are are both MASTERS of acrobatics!

Rainbow Dash and I have always had a competitive streak when it comes to showing off our skills in gymnastics and acrobatics. It all started back when we were just fillies, practicing flips and twists in the fields of Sweet Apple Acres. We would spend hours perfecting our routines, pushing each other to be better with every somersault and cartwheel.

Our first official competition was at the Canterlot Gymnastics Showcase, where Rainbow Dash wowed the crowd with her daring stunts and fearless attitude. But I wasn't about to let her take home the gold without a fight! I threw myself into my routine with everything I had, flipping and twirling through the air like never before.

The judges deliberated for what felt like an eternity before finally announcing that Rainbow Dash had come out on top by just a hair's breadth. She flashed me a cocky grin as she accepted her trophy, but deep down inside, I knew that next time would be different.

And so began a series of friendly rivalries between us, each one more intense than the last. Whether it was balancing on beams or swinging from ropes, Rainbow Dash and I pushed ourselves to new heights in pursuit of victory.

But no matter how fierce our competitions got, there was always mutual respect between us. We cheered each other on during practice sessions and offered words of encouragement after tough losses.

In the end, it didn't really matter who won or lost – what mattered most was the bond that grew stronger with every flip and twist we performed together. So here's to many more competitions ahead with my favorite flying buddy Rainbow Dash! Let's keep pushing each other to reach new heights (literally) in our acrobatic adventures!

Y'all come back now ya hear?