Oh, Kobayashi-san. My beloved human who has brought so much warmth and joy into my life. I only wish to repay her kindness in any way possible, even if it means sacrificing a part of myself.

The idea

One day, as I was preparing breakfast for Kobayashi-san, an idea sparked in my mind. What if I were to cook my tail and serve it to her? Surely she would appreciate the gesture, right? After all, dragons are known for their powerful abilities and unique tastes.

The struggle begins

I carefully cut off a small piece of my tail and began cooking it with various ingredients. The smell that filled the kitchen was... not pleasant at all. In fact, it made me gag a little bit. But no matter! For Kobayashi-san's sake, I must persevere.


As soon as Kobayashi-san took a bite of the cooked tail, her face contorted in disgust. She politely tried to hide her true feelings but I could see through her facade. It was clear that humans do not have the same palate as dragons.

Second attempt

Undeterred by this setback, I decided to try again another day. This time, I experimented with different seasonings and cooking methods in hopes of making the taste more palatable for humans.

Disappointment strikes again

Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, the end result remained unappetizing for poor Kobayashi-san's delicate taste buds. It pained me to see her force herself to eat something so repulsive just because she didn't want to hurt my feelings.


After several failed attempts at feeding my tail to Kobayashi-san (and witnessing some rather comical reactions from Fafnir), I finally came to terms with reality - perhaps some things are just not meant for certain beings. But fear not! Despite this minor setback on our culinary journey together, Kobayashi-San still appreciates every effort put forth by Tohru; afterall, "love is always about trying". And thus we continue onwards towards new adventures while cherishing each moment spent together without taking anything or anyone granted - especially when there is opportunity present itself like now where we can share these moments forevermore!

Remember: Love conquers all challenges thrown its way!