Hey guys, it's dylan here! Today was the BEST day ever because I finally got my first Victory Royale in Fortnite! It was epic, just like me. I couldn't stop screaming at the top of my lungs when I saw that "Victory Royale" screen pop up on my TV. My Naruto running skills definitely paid off in this game.

I spent hours practicing and strategizing for this moment. Every night after dinner, I would sneak out of bed and play Fortnite until the sun came up. Mom always yelled at me to go to sleep, but nothing could stop me from achieving greatness in the virtual world.

My neighbors probably thought there was a tornado coming through with all the screaming and banging on doors that happened tonight. But who cares what they think? They're just jealous of my mad gaming skills.

Speaking of neighbors, mine are pretty weird too. The guy next door is always drunk and yells at his wife all night long. Sometimes he even throws things around their house - it's scary stuff. And don't get me started on his son...he's a strange one for sure.

But none of that matters now because I am a Fortnite champion! All those late nights paid off big time. Maybe now mom will let me stay up past bedtime more often since she can see how talented her little gamer boy really is.

Anyway, gotta go celebrate some more by doing victory dances around the living room while blasting music way too loud for 2 AM (sorry not sorry). Catch you later losers! #FortniteChampion #NarutoRunner