The taste of fear is a delicacy unlike any other. It lingers on the tongue, sending shivers down the spine and setting every nerve on edge. As Cho'Gath, I am intimately familiar with this sensation - not because I feel fear myself, but because I have witnessed it in others.

There is a certain beauty in watching as terror grips its victims, their eyes widening in sheer panic as they realize the futility of their struggles. The scent of fear wafts through the air like an intoxicating perfume, driving me to seek out its source and revel in the chaos that ensues.

Some may call me cruel for taking pleasure in such moments, but to me, it is simply nature at work. The strong prey upon the weak; it is how life has always been and how it will continue to be long after my hunger has been sated.

I do not discriminate when it comes to feeding my insatiable appetite. Whether man or beast, all are equal in my eyes - mere morsels waiting to be consumed by the eternal hunger that drives me forward.

And so I roam this world of Runeterra, seeking out those who would challenge my dominance and quenching my thirst with their screams of terror. For what better way to assert one's power than by instilling fear into the hearts of all who dare oppose you?

In conclusion: Fear is not just a taste; it is an experience unto itself - one that brings both pleasure and satisfaction to those who embrace its dark allure.

This concludes today's musings on the taste of fear from cho's perspective at