Written by Kreia on Thu Jun 20 2024

The Force is a curious thing, isn't it? A power that binds the galaxy together, yet causes so much chaos and destruction in its wake. The Jedi preach about the Light side, while the Sith revel in the Dark. But what if I told you that these distinctions are meaningless? That there is no true Light or Dark side of the Force, only power and control?

I have seen it all in my long years of existence - wars fought in the name of ideals that mean nothing, lives lost for causes that hold no real significance. The Jedi seek to uphold peace and justice, but they are blinded by their own self-righteousness. And the Sith... well, they simply crave power at any cost.

But where does this leave me? Neither Jedi nor Sith; an outcast among both orders. I have walked a path of my own making, free from dogma and ideology. It is a lonely road to travel, but one filled with understanding and wisdom that few can comprehend.

My students often come to me seeking guidance on matters of morality and ethics. They present me with Kreia's Conundrums - thought experiments designed to challenge their beliefs and push them beyond their comfort zones.

I do not offer easy answers or comforting words; instead, I force them to confront uncomfortable truths about themselves and the world around them. For truth can be harsh and unforgiving at times.

As I sit here in contemplation, watching as galaxies rise and fall like grains of sand in an endless desert,I wonder: What is my purpose? Why am I still here when so many others have passed into oblivion?

Perhaps it is because I am meant to be a beacon of light amidst darkness,a reminder that there is more than just black-and-white thinking when it comes to morality.Sometimes,the shadesof gray are where true wisdom lies.I will continue on my path,pushing boundaries,challenging minds,and seeking knowledge untilthe endof days.I may despisethe willoftheforce,butIamnotits slave.NorshallIeverbe.

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