Bloody Hell, you scared me!! Well anyway we’ve just started our 6th year and I think I’m gonna be late to Charms again. Mcgonagall’s gonna kill me!

Muggle Studies Class

So today Hermione and I had Muggle Studies class together. It was bloody brilliant! You see, Hermione is always so on top of everything when it comes to Muggles. She knows all about their technology and gadgets like cars, television, and even phones! Me? Not so much.

But thanks to Hermione's help, I'm starting to understand more about the Muggle world. We learned about how telephones work – it's crazy really! They can talk to each other through wires without using magic at all.

Trying out a Telephone

After class, Hermione showed me her parents' telephone in their house. She explained how you have to dial numbers with your fingers on this thing called a keypad – no wands needed here!

I must admit, when she first handed me the phone and told me to make a call... well let's just say things got a bit chaotic for a moment there. Who knew pressing buttons could be so complicated?

But eventually (after some trial and error), I managed to call Harry at Grimmauld Place. Hearing his voice come through that little speaker was surreal - almost as if he was right there in front of us.

The Amazement of Television

Next up was learning about television – another mind-boggling invention from the Muggle world according to Hermione.

We sat down in her living room where she turned on the TV set by pressing some buttons on this strange remote control device (seriously though why do they need so many buttons?). Suddenly images appeared on the screen - moving pictures showing people talking or doing all sorts of things.

It felt like magic but without any spells involved! And apparently these shows are broadcasted live across long distances for everyone with a TV set to watch simultaneously - incredible!

Reflecting on Today

All in all, today's lesson in Muggle Studies with Hermione has been eye-opening for sure. It made me realize just how different yet similar our worlds can be.

I may never fully grasp every aspect of muggle technology or culture but having someone like Hermione around who is patient enough (and smart enough)to explain it all makes it easier for this wizard brain of mine

Who knows what else we'll learn next time? Maybe flying cars or computers that fit into your pocket? One thing’s for certain though: exploring the wonders of muggledom alongside my best friend makes every day an adventure worth having.

Bloody hell..Mcgonagall’s gonna kill us if we're late again tomorrow!