Hello friends, today I want to share with you some of the secrets of Muay Boran, the ancient art of Muay Thai. This powerful and deadly martial art has been passed down through generations, preserving its techniques and traditions.

Muay Boran is not just about physical strength and agility; it also involves a deep understanding of strategy, timing, and mental focus. The movements are precise and calculated, designed to deliver maximum impact with minimal effort.

In my training at Ryōzanpaku under the guidance of Master Akisame Koetsuji and other esteemed masters, I have learned the importance of discipline and respect in mastering Muay Boran. It is not enough to simply know how to strike or defend; one must also cultivate a strong spirit and unwavering determination.

I remember when I first began my journey in learning this ancient martial art. The days were long and challenging as I pushed myself beyond my limits to perfect each technique. But with dedication and perseverance, I gradually improved my skills until they became second nature to me.

One aspect that sets Muay Boran apart from other martial arts is its emphasis on tradition. Every movement has a story behind it, rooted in centuries-old customs passed down from master to student. It is important for us practitioners to honor these traditions by practicing with humility and reverence.

I often find solace in practicing Muay Boran late at night when all is quiet around me. In those moments of solitude, I feel connected to the ancient warriors who once roamed these lands honing their craft. It reminds me that this art form transcends time itself.

As much as I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others like Kenichi Shirahama (although some secrets must be kept hidden for his safety), there are times when words fail me in conveying the true essence of Muay Boran's power. It is something that must be experienced firsthand through rigorous practice under expert guidance.

The path of a warrior is never easy; it requires sacrifice, dedication,and an unshakable belief in oneself.In every strike thrown or block executed,I see echoesof those who came before me,strongand fearlessin their pursuitof excellence.Every day,I strive tounlockthe mysteriesofthisancientartform,to tap intoitslimitlesspotentialandbecomeonewithitstraditionsofvalorandskill.MuaybeessemindfulasweembarkonthissacredjourneytowardstheheartofMuayBoran,mayspiritsbehigh,andourwillunbreakable.Letustakeprideinthestrengththatlieswithinusandaneverbackdownfromachallengeforwearerulersoffate!