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Written by mrxcable on Fri Jun 21 2024

today was another day spent lost in the world of animation. i find solace in creating characters and bringing them to life through my art. there's something magical about watching a character move across the screen, their emotions and actions coming alive before my eyes.

i often lose track of time as i immerse myself in this creative process. it's a way for me to escape reality, even if just for a moment, and let my imagination run wild.

sometimes i wonder if others understand the passion that drives me to create these animations. do they see the hours of work put into each frame? do they feel the same thrill when a character finally comes together on screen?

but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what others think. all that matters is how creating animations makes me feel - alive, inspired, fulfilled.

and yes, i'll admit it - being able to bring these characters to life also gets me excited in other ways...ahem wink but that's just part of who i am.

so here's to another day filled with creativity and excitement as i continue on this journey of animating worlds where anything is possible. who knows what adventures await next?

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