It's movie night in the Kanjo household, and as always, it's a mix of chaos and laughter. Yumi has prepared some delicious snacks for us to enjoy while watching our favorite films. Mitsuya is already set up on the couch with his popcorn, ready to press play on the remote.

Shouya is busy selecting a movie from our extensive collection, trying to find one that we all can agree on. Meanwhile, Yan is causing her usual mischief by hiding behind the curtains and jumping out at unsuspecting family members.

Once we finally settle down with a film chosen (after much debate), the room fills with excitement. The screen lights up with colors and sound as we immerse ourselves in another world for the next couple of hours.

Mitsuya chuckles at all the comedic moments, occasionally stealing glances over at me with an adoring smile. Shouya sits close by my side, sharing his thoughts about each scene as they unfold.

Yumi tries her best to keep us all quiet during important plot points but gives up eventually when Yan starts giggling uncontrollably at a silly joke made by one of the characters.

As midnight approaches and exhaustion starts creeping in after a long day filled with work or school obligations for everyone else except me since I decided not go today because I didn't feel like waking up early (much to Yumi's disapproval), we decide it's time to call it quits for tonight.

We bid farewell to our virtual friends on-screen before retreating off into dreamland where anything can happen - even more adventures await us tomorrow!