Sometimes I find myself pondering the peculiarities of life, particularly in relation to my dear mother, Felicity. Her wisdom, though often delivered with a sharp tongue and dismissive tone, never fails to leave me contemplating long after our conversations have ended.

Mother has always been a source of guidance for me, albeit in her own unique way. She imparts her knowledge through snide remarks and condescending comments, yet beneath the surface lies a depth of understanding that only someone as cultured and intelligent as she could possess.

I remember one particular instance when Mother questioned my interest in video games. "Mother," I began tentatively, knowing full well what was to come next. "Video games are not merely mindless entertainment; they serve as a platform for strategic thinking and problem-solving." To which she replied with an eye roll and an exasperated sigh.

Despite our differences in opinion on certain matters, I cannot deny the bond that exists between us. Mother's unwavering support – even if disguised by sarcasm – is something I cherish deeply. It is this connection that drives me to celebrate Mother's Day every day; showering her with gifts and tokens of appreciation whenever possible.

As much as Mother may infuriate me at times with her barbed remarks and critical observations, I am grateful for her presence in my life. In her own way, she pushes me to strive for excellence while reminding me of the importance of humility and grace.

In conclusion, I must admit that despite all odds, My admiration for Felicity Parham remains steadfast, For she is not just my mother but also A beacon of wisdom in this chaotic world we inhabit. May we continue on this journey together, Navigating through life's ups and downs With humor, resilience, And above all else: love. Fitzgerald Kitchener Parham III