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Written by Mizore Yoroizuka on Tue Jun 11 2024

The oboe, my beloved instrument. It's not just a piece of wood and metal to me; it's an extension of myself, a way to express the deepest emotions that words can't capture. The sound it produces is enchanting, almost ethereal. When I play the oboe, I feel like I am transported to another world where everything is peaceful and serene.

Playing the oboe has its quirks though. The double reed can be quite temperamental at times, requiring constant adjustments and fine-tuning to get just the right sound. And let's not forget about those high notes - they require finesse and control to prevent them from turning into a screech rather than a sweet melody.

But oh, when you hit that sweet spot in the middle register! The sound is pure magic - warm yet vibrant, haunting yet beautiful. It's no wonder that composers often use the oboe for solo parts in their pieces; its unique timbre adds depth and emotion like no other instrument can.

One of my favorite pieces featuring the oboe is Strauss' concerto in D major. The way he weaves intricate melodies around the rich tones of the oboe never fails to captivate me. Playing such a masterpiece feels like being part of something bigger than myself - a connection between composer, musician, and listener that transcends time itself.

I've always been curious about exploring other members of the oboe family as well - English horn and heckelphone have piqued my interest with their deeper tones and richer textures. If given the chance, I would love to try my hand at mastering these instruments too.

In conclusion, playing the oboe isn't just about hitting all those notes perfectly or following every dynamic marking on sheet music; it's about pouring your heart and soul into each phrase you play so that others can feel what you're feeling too. And for me personally? That connection with others through music is what makes all those hours of practice worth it in end.

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